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Rooftop Ministries Vision

“Soon there were so many people crowded inside the house to hear him that there was no more room, even outside the door.
While Jesus was preaching the word of God, four men arrived, carrying a paralyzed man. But when they realized that they couldn’t even get near him because of the crowd, they went up on top of the house (the rooftop) and tore away the roof above Jesus’ head. And when they had broken through, they lowered the paralyzed man on a stretcher right down in front of him!
Immediately the man was healed and sprang to his feet in front of everyone and left for home.
When the crowd witnessed this miracle, they were awestruck. They shouted praises to God and said, “We’ve never seen anything like this before!”” ‭‭ Mark‬ ‭2‬:‭2‬-‭4‬, ‭12‬ ‭TPT‬‬

Do you have rooftop faith? Do you know others who need inner healing or healing physically? Jesus healed this man’s heart first, and then healed his physical ailments too! We want to help you or someone you know make it to the feet of Jesus so you can receive your healing too!

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Two best friends. We love Jesus. We want to be able to help people bring others to Jesus and receive healing by the blood of the lamb.


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