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  • The Good Shepherd - Leader

    “That’s where he restores and revives my life. He opens before me the right path and leads me along in his footsteps of righteousness so that I can bring honor to his name.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭23‬:‭3‬ ‭TPT‬‬ TPT commentary: Or "he causes my life [or "soul," Hb. nephesh] to return." So often life drains out of us through our many activities, but, as David found, God restores our well-being when we pursue what pleases God and when we rest in him. TPT commentary: Or "circular paths of righteousness." It is a common trait for sheep on the hillsides of Israel to circle their way up higher. They eventually form a path that keeps leading them higher. This is what the Psalms is referring to here. Each step we take following our Shepherd will lead us higher, even though it may seem we are going in circles. When I was attending Transformation Ministries School of Ministry, one of the things that Pappa Rock taught was a class called “Trusting God”. During that class he taught that when we got to our high places sometimes it’s scary but we have to move forward not only in faith but also trust. “High Places” is the place where we fully operate in our Kingdom Purpose and are equipped and empowered to operate in that calling. While we are being called to the “high place” we come to the cliff where we cannot see our next moves. This is the place of trust: 1. God is PERFECT LOVE – he just wants to Bless me. 2. God has INFINITE WISDOM – he has a Plan for me. 3. God is TOTALLY SOVEREIGN – he has the Power. These verses say similar things, that like a sheep that feels we are going in circles or no where, we’re actually at the cliff of trust and with each step or footsteps of righteousness we’re actually climbing higher into the high places the Good Shepherd leads us too! This is a place we don’t ascend too, this is a place we trust and follow our Good Shepherd too! Do you feel you are going in circles with no shifting or changing? Do you feel your soul or life needs to be revived or returned/restored to your original purpose?

  • The Good Shepherd - Love

    “He offers a resting place for me in his luxurious love. His tracks take me to an oasis of peace near the quiet brook of bliss.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭23‬:‭2‬ ‭TPT‬‬ TPT commentary: “resting place” in “luxurious love” - Or "in spring [green meadows." A good shepherd knows where to pasture his flock. These green meadows would be a resting place, free from all fear. The Greek verb "to love" is agapao, which is a merging of two words and two concepts. Ago means "to lead like a shepherd," and pao is a verb that means "to rest." Love is our Shepherd leading us to the place of true rest in his heart. TPT commentary: “quiet brook of bliss” - The Hebrew word menuhâ means "the waters of a resting place." See Isa. 11:10. God’s love for us brings us peace and rest. When I know I am perfectly love I am not in a place of punishment but rather peace. I am in a resting place of luxurious love. He gives me an oasis of peace. Have you ever been in a desert place? A brook or oasis is fruitful area of the desert. Sometimes we can wander through a desert season with no fruit and no rest. We know we are found in the love of the Good Shepherd, Yeshua, when we can be resting in a desert or wilderness season. Rest in the love of the Good Shepherd today! You may be in the promise land, the wilderness, or the desert, but His love brings peace and provision.

  • The Good Shepherd - Best Friend

    “Yahweh is my best friend and my shepherd. I always have more than enough.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭23‬:‭1‬ ‭TPT‬‬ TPT commentary: The word most commonly used for "shepherd" is taken from the root word ra'ah, which is also the Hebrew word for "best friend." This translation includes both meanings. The unique term for shepherd is ro'eh tzon-"lover of the flock." This teaches us that a shepherd was not just a responsible overseer, but a caring father figure, tending to his flock out of a deep sense of love. Shepherds were also fierce protectors of their flocks. Jesus is the Fierce Protector of his people. TPT commentary: Or "I lack nothing." What a wonderful declaration over your life! To never be in lack, always possessing more than enough. Our God meets our emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. God is my best friend and my protector. Imagine for one second you are a sheep. Day in and day out, someone sets the routine for your feedings, they lead you and guide you for the days you’ll be sheared and other days you’ll wander from one pasture to the next! But one thing is for certain, you have a Father, A Good Shepherd. He never sleeps nor slumbers. He is always watching over you. No wolf can devour you when He has his rod and staff. No harm can over take you inside the boundaries of his fence. He loves you! You obey your best friend because you know He ultimately loves you! He will even leave the 99 pastured sheep for the one who wanders away! He is the Good Shepherd! Let HIM shepherd your sheep like day today and let HIM define your boundaries! You will not lack! He will provide and bring provision. He will deliver!

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